While serving on national and local committees, Scott has never been satisfied with the status quo. “I have always lived by working hard pushing for improvement. When I hear issues, more than likely I also hear why it would be great, but why it hasn’t been done. I have heard all of the 50 reasons why not, a good leader is the person who can find the one way to make it happen and have the ability to see it through.”

This type of leadership was the reason that in 2003, the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force asked Col Cain to travel to the Middle East to head up the United States Department of Defense’s Strategic Engagement Initiative in the region. “ At the time, it was little more than a vision to help our Middle East allies work more closely together for their own Strategic Security and Development. The US had tried several times before with no success so all I heard was how it was not going to work.  In today’s world though, no is not an option when it comes to development.”   

 When he turned over command in Feb 2007, Col Cain had established a regional Leadership training center that had brought together 5 Middle Eastern Countries and 3 Western Countries in a cooperative alliance never before seen in the region.

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